China Mobile uses high throughput C-V2X chip set solution

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Qualcomm Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile Internet of Things Co., Ltd. and Qualcomm Technologies, a Qualcomm 9150C-V2X chipset-based solution, has officially released a new roadside unit for 3GPP Release 14 LTE-V2X direct communications. The new roadside unit, developed by China Mobile Research Institute and China Mobile Internet of Things, will be displayed at the China Mobile Pavilion of Exhibition A1 of the 2018 World Internet of Things Fair from September 15 to September 18. Through this cooperation, China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile Internet of Things and Qualcomm Technologies have further expanded their long-term strategic cooperation to the automotive and transportation fields, explored new technologies and applications in the field of smart cars, and jointly promoted the development and maturity of China Netcom automotive industry.

LTE-V2X, also known as C-V2X PC5 direct communication, is the core technology of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), and the national policy level is also vigorously supporting the development of this technology. LTE-V2X is a global solution for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. It has a powerful 5G New Gap (5G NR) evolution path designed to improve vehicle safety, automated driving and traffic efficiency. It is the only V2X communication technology that complies with the global 3GPP standard. The PC 5-based direct communication mode is to support vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) communications over a unified 5.9GHz Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) band without the use of SIM cards, being a cellular user or cellular network assistance. By deploying LTE-V2X technology in vehicle and roadside unit, the vehicle and roadside unit on the road can communicate directly, and the driver can obtain relevant information of roadside unit quickly and efficiently, which can support traffic signal phase and timing scenarios. C-V2X has received extensive support from the Global Communications Standards Association (GCSA), including the 5G Automobile Alliance (5GAA), and from the field of automotive ecosystems. Both China Mobile and Qualcomm Technologies are board members of the 5G Automobile Alliance, which has demonstrated through numerous C-V2X live demonstrations that the technology is ready for commercial deployment as early as 2019.

Wei Chengguang, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said: "The development of intelligent transportation system puts forward higher requirements for communication network, which requires lower delay, higher reliability and wider bandwidth. In order to meet the above challenges, China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) is committed to the research of LTE-V2X key technologies and the promotion of the industry. In cooperation with the industry, CMRI has made considerable progress in the establishment of standards, the distribution of experimental spectrum, and the scale of technical testing. The roadside unit based on Qualcomm Technologies chipset solution is also applied in Wuxi LTE-V2X city-level demonstration application project, and has achieved good results. In the spirit of opening up and cooperation, we look forward to continuing in-depth cooperation with China Mobile Internet of Things, Qualcomm Technologies, and other industrial parties, giving full play to their technological, industrial and market advantages, jointly constructing industrial ecology, accelerating technological and industrial maturity, and promoting cross-industry cooperation between the telecommunications industry and the automotive industry. To set up a model for deep cooperation in the industry.

Qiao Hui, General Manager of China Mobile Internet of Things Limited, said: "China Mobile Internet of Things has been committed to play in the technology, industry, market advantages, relying on China Mobile Public Internet of Things cellular network, to create a vehicle network"cloud-tube-end"overall solution. With the popularization of 4G and the exploration of 5G, the Internet of vehicles has become an important part of realizing the vision of all things interconnection. Together with the mobile Research Institute and Qualcomm Technologies to provide roadside units, it also demonstrates that the matured PC5 direct communication technology will greatly promote the development of C-V2X technology in China, which is of great significance to promote the development of the entire vehicle networking industry and explore a new business model.

"We are delighted to integrate our 9150 C-V2X chipset into the new roadside unit of the Central Mobile Internet of Things," said Nakul Duggal, vice president of product management at Qualcomm Technologies Inc. Collaboration with industry leaders such as China Mobile Research Institute and China Mobile Internet of Things is another example of Qualcomm Technologies continuing to expand ecosystem collaboration to facilitate LTE-V2X's commercial landing in China. Many of our breakthroughs, including C-V2X, and high-performance automotive solutions are transforming the entire Networks automotive industry. We look forward to working with China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile Internet of Things and other leading manufacturers to further strengthen the close collaboration between the automotive industry and the telecommunications industry, pave the way for Chinese automotive manufacturers to jointly create a safer and more interconnected networked automotive ecosystem.
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