Internet of things accelerates landing sensor integration needs increasingly urgent

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With the popularity of the Internet of Things and wearable devices, the successful integration of sensors will become even more important. In recent years, sensor systems have become multi-axis, and the ensuing integration has become an important task for the equipment and systems industry. After all, no design engineer wants to see that the multiple sensors used are scattered on each circuit board. Corners not only increase the difficulty of design, but also help to lighten the system.

At present, in addition to a single sensor, the most common sensor system is modular sensor system, which integrates multi-axis sensors through modular mode, mostly with their own processors or MCUs, and through the solutions created by their products, the entire sensing system will be integrated. Shipments to IOT, wearable device providers or equipment providers have done their best.

Integrated modules can save a lot of trouble for design, but in the light of current trends in mobile devices, module delivery is still a bit cumbersome. It seems that further through system-level packaging to create a single integrated sensor system chip, will be necessary to meet the high integration of sensor systems. Means.

After the multi axis of sensing system, it means that there must be many different sensing elements in the same system. However, the range of sensor components, from common accelerometers, gyroscopes and geomagnetic compasses, to pressure meters, thermometers, photosensors, and even can sense sound, taste, smell and other sensors, at present, most manufacturers have some technology, but to a wide range of comprehensive package of all sensing products, such as Manufacturers are still few.

However, not all manufacturers can handle all sensor components, manufacturers in the current market cooperation, will be different manufacturers of sensor components integrated in the same sensing module, to create a system.

Although this situation is common, but the industry also has different views, because the chip is not out of the same door, so the quality of the manufacturer's technology, so in the semiconductor industry, chip factories like to emphasize that their products from the upstream, downstream one-handed, because the quality can be mastered by itself, there will be no external factors.

Looking to the future, the self-owned sensing technology will be the goal of all sensor plants. Whether it is self-development or acquisition of technology, after the self-owned sensing technology, sensor plants will be easier to create a multi-axis sensing platform with the same quality. The key point is that the technology itself, for the integration of the system, will be more integrated. It is more effective than half done.
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