Automatic driving will lead to traffic changes, and efforts can be made to share results

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Auto-driving and new energy vehicles are effective ways to promote the intelligent and green level of road traffic transportation and promote the transformation and upgrading of the transportation industry. Their development will surely promote the integration of transportation, automobile, communication and energy industries.

"The Ministry of Transport is actively promoting the promotion and application of automatic driving technology and new energy vehicles through various forms," said Zhou Wei, chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport, who paid close attention to automatic driving and new energy vehicles.

Automatic driving or triggering traffic system changes

It can be predicted that the rapid development of automotive and new energy vehicle technology will lead to systematic changes in the field of transportation and the overall upgrading of the industry. From the course of transportation development, the vehicle is the most active and decisive factor in the transportation system. The innovation of the vehicle often leads to the revolutionary change of the transportation system. The automobile industry has been born for more than 100 years and has made an important contribution to the development of human society and the progress of civilization. Today's intelligent, electric, networking and sharing of automobiles will bring us new expectations and unlimited opportunities for development.

Auto-driving and new-energy vehicles, as the forerunner of the application and development of artificial intelligence technology, are the highlands of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the integration of transportation and transportation. They play an important role in improving traffic safety, improving transport efficiency, reducing air pollution, alleviating traffic congestion and so on. Promoting the development of related industries and promoting technological progress is also a major new industry development. For the transportation industry, automatic driving and new energy vehicles are not only leading technological innovations, but also subversive technological innovations. Their practical application will not only greatly change the current traditional mode of road travel and transportation organization based on people, vehicles, roads and environment, but also lead the road infrastructure. The transformation of intelligence, green transformation and operation and maintenance management has been greatly changed.

Multi force promotes intelligent vehicle innovation and development

Practical exploration at home and abroad has laid a good foundation for the application of automatic driving and new energy technology. With the efforts of high-tech enterprises, automotive enterprises and research institutes, the technology of automotive and new energy vehicles is becoming more and more mature, and gradually enters our daily life. Vehicles with intelligent cruise, collision avoidance and other auxiliary driving functions have entered the market. Vehicles with automatic driving function. There have been many demonstrations on the roads of China and developed countries. With the development of new energy vehicles and the breakthrough of core technology bottlenecks, these innovations have attracted wide attention from many countries and international organizations. Multinational transport departments have begun to study relevant policies and regulations and organize experimental testing.

China's traditional automobile enterprises, communications enterprises, Internet enterprises are also stepping up the development of automotive technology and new energy vehicles, the government has also given high attention to promoting the application of automotive and new energy vehicles in science and technology innovation.
China has the unique conditions, the traffic volume ranks first in the world, the demand of automobile and new energy vehicle market is vigorous, the development of high-speed network and broadband transport network, the monitoring and information transmission of highway network has formed a complete system, 5G and other new generation mobile communication technology has a leading edge, Beidou Guard. Star navigation system can first provide high-precision space-time services to the whole country, which provide a strong guarantee for the development of China's automobile and new energy vehicles.

Facing the future, taking demand as the starting point to promote the development of intelligent vehicle

Facing the needs of the future, we will actively promote the application and development of automatic driving technology in the field of transportation. "In order to speed up the practical application of automatic driving, we can focus on the following aspects of the future work of smart cars. First of all, we should actively lay out the research on the key technologies of automatic driving. In the national key R&D program, comprehensive transportation and intelligent transportation projects, automatic driving technology is listed as an important research content. Secondly, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standards Committee, the communication application technology in the field of intelligent transportation, vehicle-vehicle collaboration technology, mobile interconnected traffic application technology, traffic information security management technology and other content into the national standards system, to provide standard support for the development of vehicle-road collaboration in automatic driving. In addition, we must strengthen the construction of automatic driving vehicle test base. The first three test bases have been licensed. Finally, in Beijing, Hebei, Guangdong and other nine provinces and regions, the coordinated development of vehicles and roads as an important content, to promote the application of automatic driving technology demonstration.

The Ministry of transport optimizes the top-level design and implements the concept of green development.

We must adhere to green development and expand the popularization and application of new energy vehicles in the field of transportation. According to the national development strategy of new energy vehicles, in recent years, the Ministry of Communications has made overall planning and innovative development of new energy vehicles. "As an important measure to realize the green development of transportation, new energy vehicles should focus on improving safe operation capability and reliability of operation services, constantly optimize top-level design, strengthen implementation effect evaluation and dynamic operation monitoring, improve the normative system for the use and maintenance of technology, and improve relevant incentives," Zhou said. Policy, strengthen the promotion of experience and exchange of publicity, better promote the wide application of new energy vehicles in the transportation industry.

In this regard, the Ministry of Communications can formulate and implement policies and measures to differentiate the use of new energy vehicles, improve related infrastructure, encourage transport enterprises to choose new energy vehicles, and promote the upgrading of transport equipment.

Secondly, by adjusting the overall structure, we can actively deploy in the port and airport services, urban public transport, taxis, urban logistics and distribution, car rental, postal express delivery and other fields, giving priority to the promotion of the use of new energy vehicles, transportation, energy consumption, so that the structure of the continuous adjustment and optimization.

In addition, it can also be strengthened in assessment. The Ministry of Communications and other relevant departments have established an assessment mechanism to determine the proportion of new energy buses added and replaced every year in the provinces, and to vigorously promote the popularization and application of new energy vehicles in the field of urban public transport.

In July this year, the Ministry of Transport issued the Opinions on Implementing a Fighting Battle of Pollution Prevention and Control in an All-Round Way to Strengthen Ecological Environment Protection. It is clear that by the end of 2020, the number of new energy vehicles will reach 600,000 in the areas of urban public transport, taxis and urban distribution, and the number of new energy vehicles will reach 600,000 in the key areas of municipalities directly under the Central Government and The city buses in planned cities are all replaced by new energy vehicles.

In the era of shared economy, cooperation can win together. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the extensive cooperation in the field of automatic driving and new energy vehicles. The development of automatic driving technology and new energy vehicles requires the cooperation and joint promotion of various countries and related industries. Of course, we are willing to carry out exchanges and cooperation with other countries, relevant industries and industries around the world to promote the healthy development of automotive technology and new energy vehicles. For example, we should strengthen cooperation and exchanges between automotive technology and new energy vehicles to solve the legal and regulatory problems faced by automotive driving. We will jointly promote the construction of a standard system for automotive and new energy vehicles, promote the development of intelligent, green and convenient transport infrastructure, and provide more favorable environmental conditions for the application of automotive technology and new energy vehicles with the international community.

Nowadays, the trend of global automotive electrification, intellectualization, interconnection and sharing is very rapid, and the prospect of developing new energy vehicles and automotive driving is very broad. We should make great efforts to cooperate with colleagues, grasp the opportunities and meet the challenges together, and jointly promote China's new energy vehicles and automotive driving technology to a higher level. The second development will inject new momentum and vitality into the construction of a powerful transportation country and a wise travel society, and create a better future for safe and convenient travel.
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